service idea
  • Initiative Presale Consultation

    Presale Consultation -- fittest & most practical solution with most reasonable & economical investment for clients in different development stages.

  • Perfect After Sales Service

    Aftersales Service -- establish aftersales service office in every district with 3or more lines to offer fast & good service.


Foshan Fuli Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a traditional and modern enterprise with the traditional spirit of "keeping improving", the tenet of "thinking of Fuli people, adhering to business" and the concept of modern operation, management, design, manufacturing and service. The modernization and upgrading of the 53000 square meter new plant area has witnessed Fuli's confidence and strength in stepping into a more cutting-edge field.

Corrugated Paper Production

The Corrugated Paper Production line is comprised of the following parts:raw paperholder,heating tunnel,paper splicing device,single surface corrugating machine,crane,multi-phase pre-heater,Floder gluer machine,dual surface heating and forming machine,line pressing paper dividing machine,traverse cutter,stacking machine and boiler.The raw paper is fed from the raw paper holder,passing through tunnel,where the paper is heated and the moisture inside the paper is adjuested.Then the paper is sent into the Single faced corrugating device and is corrugated and shape-formed,here the single surface corrugated paper is adhered to another paper,forming single surface corrugated paper.